Saturday 24 September 2016: மாணவர் ஒன்றுகூடல்: ஆண்டு 7 இளங்கோ வகுப்பு மாணவர்கள். வகுப்பு வேலை – பரீட்சை. மூன்றாம் தவணை இறுதி நாள்.


Render educational, cultural and social services to the Tamil community in the State of New South Wales in general and their children in particular, by conducting regular Tamil classes on Saturdays and cultural programmes and events on an annual basis, designed to fulfil their needs and aspirations and for the advancement of the younger generation living in a contemporary society.

New Enrolments!

Parents wishing to enrol their children to the new classes need to fill out  an enrolment form and handover to school executive committee. The enrolment forms can be downloaded from this website or available at the Tamil school.

Parents are advised that your child's age should at least be 4 years old on or before the month of July of the calendar year in order to be admitted in Pre-School class.

The school fee for each child for a term is $25 and it will be required to pay at the beginning of each term. Read More...


§ To render educational, cultural and social services to the Tamil community in the State of New South Wales.

§ To encourage the Tamil children to communicate fluently in Tamil language with their parents, teachers and peers.

§ To give the opportunity for the Tamil children to learn and understand the Tamil culture by participating in the likes of dramas, dances and music.

§ To provide a platform for the youth in the Tamil community to develop their talent in performing arts

§ To create conducive environment for the children as well as their parents to interact with each other.

§ To encourage the youth to develop their leadership skills by conducting annual speech competition and dramas.

§ To enhance the learning of Tamil using state of the art technology.

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NSW Fed of Tamil Schools Past Exam Papers

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