Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given to all Members that the Annual General Meeting of Wentworthville Tamil Study Center Inc. to be held at 6PM on Saturday 18th of December 2021 at Bowman Hall, 35 Cambell St, Blacktown NSW 2148 to conduct the following businesses:


1.President’s Message

2.Secretary Report - 2020

3.Treasurer Report – Audited financial statement for the year ending 31 October 2021

4.Principal’s Message

5.Consider & approve Appointment of Auditor for the Year 2022

6.Member Special Resolution for the Wentworthville Tamil Study Centre’s Annual General Meeting 2021:

The marks finalised and issued by the Wenworthville Tamil Study Centre for the students who sat for the NSW Department of Education’s Tamil Continuers 2020 Higher School Certificate (HSC) Examination shall be reviewed and verified by an independent panel appointed by this AGM. Accuracy of the marks to be confirmed by this independent panel. If any inaccuracy is identified, it shall be notified to the members, respective mainstream schools, and the NSW Department of Education. If anyone involved in the manipulation of the marks and the independent panel identifies that person, such person shall be refrained from the Wentworthville Tamil Study Centre’s all activities for his or her lifetime.

7.New Committee Selection process 2022

8.Elective President Speech 2022


Kind Regards

Thaya Sithamparanathan


Wentworthville Tamil Study Centre

This Notice is issued on 22th November 2021