Announcements 2023

New Admissions...

Parents wishing to enroll their children, please follow the following steps. Application by online submission.

1. Please go to the following link [ New Student Online Enrolment] to access online application.

2. Please fill out the online form.

3. Please update all the required fields.

4. Please click submit.

5. Please ensure you have provided an email to send the copy of the application.

Application in person.

1. Please go to the following link [ New Student Enrolment form 2023] to download the application. The application form is also available from the Tamil school office.

2. Please fill out the form.

3. Please annex all required files or documents.

4. Please handover in person, either to the secretary or admin, at the Tamil school office.

5. Please ensure you make a copy of your application for your record.

Parents to ensure, to be enrolled in play school your child's age should be at least 3 years and 6 months old on the 31st of July 2023.

The facility fee for the first child per term is $30. Payments are required at the beginning of each School term. 

The Centre will provide the textbooks and other study materials free of charge.

Update Your Contact Details...

Parents are kindly requested to update their contact details with WTSC Secretary or Admin.

For the best interest of every child attends to our Tamil Study Centre, the school committee makes a great effort to maintain the most up to date contact details of his or her parents/guardians. This vital information is much needed when the child is either feeling unwell or injured during school hours and needs parents' attention and care. Therefore, please update your contact details if there are changes in your address or phone numbers since your last submission.